Tangled Worlds

Tangled Worlds



In Tangled Worlds, things aren't always what they seem.

When Shadows Fall: Introducing Grayson Manes, reckless paranormal researcher, investigating the mystery of a lost boy and a sticky supernatural shadow.

Degeneration: What happens when our search for health and beauty goes too far? Too far... back?

The Crying Man and The Singing Man: Two tales from a world where mere mortals assume supernatural roles of great service to humanity - but at what cost to themselves?

The Paradise at The End of All Realities: You only think your dreams are just that - but guess again. They're portals to other realities which you can learn to use if you dare. Be careful, though... others may be doing the same, with devastating consequences.

This collection of short stories features paranormal tales of the unusual, unexpected and unlikely. These stories will thrill and chill fans of such fiction as The Twilight Zone and The X-Files. But keep the lights on...